How to pack your Holiday Makeup Bag like a Pro


Packing for holidays can be quite daunting. While you don’t want to be carrying your entire make up drawer, you still want to carry enough products to be able to create various makeup looks. This summer we are travelling to Greece and Morrocco for two weddings in a span of 15 days. This means I… Keep Reading

Hello Social Media!


This is an exciting post for me as I am writing to announce that I now have a new Instagram and Twitter page. For as long as I can remember, I have loved taking photographs and when Instagram launched in 2010, I remember actually paying to download it. This was way before they made it… Keep Reading

No Rules, only Tulles


There is something about tulle skirts that I have always loved, but I never found one that dint look costume-ish until now. This skirt is knee length for me, it is long enough to not look like a TuTu and yet short enough to not look like a prom skirt. I also find it very versatile…. Keep Reading

Buy or Admire


All of us have window shopped at some point and hoped that we could have something that is very expensive. Well, thanks to the trickling of fashion trends from luxury brands into high streets brands, one can look a lot more expensive for less, i.e. you can choose whether you want to buy or admire…. Keep Reading